Australian Christianity has been in numerical decline for decades and we believe something needs to change. The answer is not adding more programs. We need to be equipped to make disciples who make disciples, who make disciples.

How can I build a discipling culture?

By imitating the words, works and ways of Jesus, leaders can develop the rhythms and practices of discipleship that transform culture. 

Year by year, we engage in an immersive learning partnership. Through fortnightly coaching clusters and twice-yearly intensives, we engage you on an interactive journey to apply the principles and practices of discipleship in your context. 

"Very well structured and intentional approach to disciple-making in today's environment. You guys are great at walking the talk! Well done"

Brisbane conference attendee

Investing in the Discipleship Journey

Through the BDC process we will invest in you with tools, practices and skills for imitating the life and ministry of Jesus. These tools are simple, memorable and reproducible, allowing them to be passed along from generation to generation - so it doesn’t stop with you.

Coaching Clusters

Coaching clusters are an authentic environment to process week-by-week how you are applying and implementing the tools for discipleship and mission. Clusters are comprised of 5-8 senior leaders and a BDC Coach, who is a trained practitioner with hands-on experience in the BDC process. 

The cohort journeys together to learn and apply practical skills and strategic insights that equip you to disciple other leaders in your context and release them into mission. Clusters meet for one hour a fortnight and take place via web conferencing.


The two-day BDC Intensives take place annually and provide space for senior leaders to bring their broader team to focus and strategise together.

Intensives offer a tailored environment that enables deeper exploration of concepts, application to your team’s context, cross-team learning, strategic planning and time for waiting on God. 

Practical Transformation

By moving beyond theory and putting the tools into practice, leaders begin to see transformation in their own lives, ministry and the lives of those they lead.

“Practical and doable strategies to
become an effective disciple”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Effective cultural change takes root when it is led and modelled by the leader. As we are focused on working with leadership teams to embed the how and why of what they do at a strategic level, this cannot be done in isolation from the senior leader and their ‘guiding coalition’ .

Involvement in the BDC process costs approximately $10,000 per church per year. We currently have scholarships available to cover the 70-85% of the costs of participation in the 2-year BDC process, including the fortnightly coaching clusters and biannual BDC Intensives. In accepting the scholarship we ask that you make the commitment to the full BDC process over the two year period.

It is strongly recommended for all cluster members to attend the intensive. The two-day Intensives, held twice per year, are an important component of the BDC process, providing a space for cluster groups to focus and strategise together. The tailored environment enables deeper exploration of concepts, application to your team’s context, cross-team learning, strategic planning and time for waiting on God.

Coaching Clusters can begin at any time from May to October each year. Intensive 1 is held in the November of each year. It generally takes 6-8 weeks to go through the process of getting your first cluster started.

Rapid mobilisation and multiplication is at the heart of the BDC process. At around the 6 month mark, cluster members have had the opportunity to apply some of the key principles in their own lives and are ready to bring others along on the journey through the formation of new clusters in their church. The initial cluster then provides an opportunity to not only learn and apply new principles and tools but also support and empower it’s members as they coach their own clusters.

If you would like us to come and speak to your denominational or regional gathering of pastors about BDC and our discipleship journey, please get in touch with us at

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